Diet Therapy: You Are What You Eat

I do not love him because he is good, but because he is my little child. Rabindranath Tagore.

Do these sound familiar? “Don’t let my kid have any pop with artificial food coloring in it. I heard it causes hyperactivity.” “Try to make sure my child doesn’t eat too many candies at school. He’s too hyper by the time he gets home.” “Do you think my child could have a cup of coffee in the afternoon to calm down his behavior? It works like a charm at home.” What do you say? For every person that tells you such-and-such a diet makes all the difference in the world, there’s another person who tells you it makes no difference at all. Dozens of diet fads and home remedies are available, but which ones are scientifically proven? This chapter tells you which diet techniques are worth supporting, which you should question, and which you can throw out the window.