Eye/Hand Coordination

  1. Tiddly Winks, by Pressman and Gabriel, for children six years of age and older. This game consists of different colored and sized “winks,” and a circular game board. The board is divided into sections, each having different point values. The object is to shoot the winks onto the game board, aiming for the high point areas.
  2. Pic-Up Stix, by Steven MFG, for children five years and older. In this game children pick up different colored sticks, one at a time, being sure not to move any of the other sticks. They must use their fingers, unless they get the black stick which allows them to flip or tip other sticks.
  3. Finger and hand puppets help children smooth out how their fingers, hands, and brain work together. Start children off with some simple one-finger manoeuvres until they get familiar with the puppets. A good exercise for improving the coordination between their pencil-holding fingers is the chicken-peck motion. As children become more versatile you can have them work a hand puppet, or even two hand puppets at the same time.