Out-of-Seat Activity

  1. Ask the child what would make it fun for him to sit in his seat. Possibilities are turning his seat into (a) a rocketship; (b) a magic seat; or (c) the best seat in the house with decals, cushions, or a special paint job.
  2. Make your own game. Construct a game board on a theme the child is interested in, for instance, a baseball diamond, hiking trail, roadmap, or circus arena. Let him decorate it in any way he wants. Make a path of steps the child must follow to earn rewards. After every five or 10 steps place a signpost indicating he gets a reward. Make his movement on the board contingent to staying in his seat for a specified period of time.

Making your own game does not have to be a time-consuming process. This one took me 10 minutes to dream up. In addition, you would need about one hour to gather materials and make the basic board for the child to create his masterpiece on.