Still Waters of the Mind–all ages.


–“Find a space on the floor where you can lie down and feel comfortable. Let your body relax so that it feels supported by the floor, and let all the tension drain out of you so you can be peaceful yet very alert.”

Pause 5-10 seconds

–“And now let your mind relax, and picture yourself floating along on a raft on a lake…feel the gentle ripples of the water flowing under you…feel the water supporting you. Whenever thoughts go through your mind just pretend they are ripples on the lake, then go back to just floating on the lake again. Let your thoughts be ripples.”

Pause 1-2 minutes

–“Now let your lake be perfectly still…let all the ripples become still and peaceful.”

Pause 10-15 seconds

–“Then let your mind become active again, and sit up, feeling rested and alert.”