Ways of Making Your Program Positive

We all need someone to tell us, “Yes, you can do it.” Angela Lansbury.

Say you want to reduce Herbie’s stealing behavior. What are some ways of giving your program a positive slant?:

–by awarding Herbie stars when he does not steal, rather than taking away stars when he does steal

–by saying your program goals in positive terms, for instance, “Leave things alone which belong to other people,” rather than, “Don’t steal something which doesn’t belong to you.” Remember, for every wrong behavior there is an opposite right behavior

–by displaying Herbie’s progress on eye-catching charts

–by making a big deal when Herbie has a good day, an improved day, or a not-as-bad-as-yesterday day; at the same time keeping in mind that children know when you’re patronizing them

–by not making a big deal when he does steal, but rather taking a matter-of-fact attitude in consequencing it.